Do you love Dancing on Tik Tok

Do you create dances on Tik Tok?

I have to be honest Tik Tok is a whole load of new for me. The first time I heard of Tik Tok ,was in lockdown when my agent sent me a Tik Tok challenge. So after asking my daughter what it was, I set about doing a short video as per the brief. However it wasn’t until later in the summer that I witnessed my Granddaughter making up dances to share on Tik Tok!

  • Is Tik Tok a great way to dance like nobody is watching?

At first I have to be honest I was not too happy about her posting dances on Tik Tok, but after being reassured by her mum that it was OK, it quickly became apparent that this was her creative outlet and something to share with her friends.

Dancing was my first love, I used to make up dances and spend hours in my garage fine tuning the steps, either for a dance show or a school competition. As I got older I knew I wanted to be a dancer. I loved to dance!

  • Do you love to dance?

If you love to dance, then making up dances is extremely satisfying. With so many dance crews now on programmes like Britain’s Got Talent, it is easy to see why kids’ today love to share their routines on apps like Tik Tok.

But what if you want to hone this skill, what can you do. Well, the most natural step would be to go to dance class, after all there are many schools to choose from. But there are also, some great resources online,  that don’t necessarily cost a penny. So if you just love to dance check out some videos on You Tube.


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If you prefer a more structured approach then you could always join a local dancing class. Whatever way you decide to go, dancing is both joyful and a great creative outlet. It can lift your mood and make you and others smile. So why not pop on the music and start dancing, you’ll be amazed how great it can make you feel.

What style of dance is the most popular today?

I think the answer to that is, whatever makes you smile.

Happy dancing everyone.


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