Dancing through Covid

How can dancing help my child during these difficult times?

The last few months have been a really tense time for everyone around the world with social activities, up till June, being restricted to mostly online.

Mental health is a real concern for parents with both young children and teenagers, and it has been of paramount importance to ensure that children are dealing with their emotions, and finding ways to let off steam and feel good.

Dancing is just one of the ways to help your child express themselves emotionally and creatively and leave them feeling good all at the same time. Joining a local dance class either online or face to face can really help during these uncertain times.

Dancing is fantastic for both your body and your mind because it causes the release of the very chemicals that are good for your brain: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. So a good dance session with your local dancing school can really lift your spirits and keeps you fit and healthy both physically and mentally.

As we move into the darker nights it’s vital to keep positive and try and remain upbeat.
So set your child a new goal for the winter months and get them to try a new dance class and watch their spirits left.


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