Why Tik Tok could be more useful for your dance school than you think!

Tik Tok for your Dance school

As far as video sharing goes, one of the biggest names at the moment has to be Tik Tok.

Tik Tok is an app where you will find short videos that use a variety of backing tracks or sounds to create easy to watch and digest clips, I have only downloaded the App recently and I am already hooked.

Over the last year the popularity of Tik Tok has increased enormously. One of the reasons is likely to be that people have become bored at home and are looking for a way to have fun and spread a little laughter.

Influencers have found it a great way to create a brand for themselves and wanna be influencers are jumping on Tik Tok to try and build a bank of followers.

So could Dance and Drama schools benefit from this popular trend!

We think that Tik Tok could offer a helping hand to dance schools who are trying to continue to run their businesses during these trying times. By offering free content to keep students engaged is a great way that Tik Tok could be utilised.

You can set them projects

Once a student has watched your Tik Tok video, then you can set them projects to do with it. You can ask them to watch the video and then to create their own version of it. Or you could ask them to learn it and then add another part to it and send it to you.

You can come together

Not only can you make sure that your students work solo on their own dance projects, but you can also use Tik Tok as a way to come together to work on something special. Set each student a part of a song to create a dance to and then put them together to really showcase your school in the best light. Even better, you could always set them a finishing/starting move, which will create a cohesive look to the entire stream of videos.

It is marketing for the future

We hope that things will get back to normal sooner rather than later and chances are that you are going to want to appeal to some new students once you are back up and running.

By having Tik Tok content, you can show prospective students just what you can do and how well your students can perform. Which means that they are much more likely to want to sign up to your school.

We don’t know how the world will look in a few months, but we hope that we will be taking a few steps closer to normal life. In the meantime why not try Tik Tok and see if it is going to be the right choice for you and for your students?


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