Arts Educational Dancing and Drama Schools Chiswick London W4


Arts Educational Dancing and Drama Schools Chiswick London W4

Dancing and Drama classes in Chiswick, including Improvisation, Stage Combat, Jazz Dance, Singing in Musical Theatre, Audition Technique all evening and short courses take place in Chiswick.

All evening part–time courses are practical and require active participation. Entry to any evening course is on a first–come–first–served basis. No audition is required.


DIY Theatre 1yr Course
Stage Combat – BADC Certificate Course
Jazz Dance – Regular Class

Acting for Improvers
DIY Theatre – 1yr course
Singing in Musical Theatre

Acting for Beginners Audition
Technique – Acting
Audition Technique – Musical Theatre

Acting for Beginners
Song & Dance

DIY Theatre 1yr Course

Week commencing 29 Sept 2008

*Where a Monday evening class falls on a bankholiday, it will take place on the Tuesday evening of that week.

The closing date for applications to all courses in this section is 1 week prior to the course start date.

Dates: Mon 7 – 9pm
Duration: 10 weeks
Fee: £210

Learn to really be ‘in the moment’,
think on your feet and trust your instincts. Develop your creativity and imagination whilst mastering the games and techniques to improvise with others. As well as being one of the most important skills an actor can develop, improvisation is a valuable skill for interview, presentation and audition technique.

Who is it for? Those who wish to improve their spontaneity and confidence in acting and in life

Dates: Mon 7 – 9.30pm
Duration: 10 weeks
Fee: £275

Working with a qualified, professional fight teacher, you will learn armed (rapier and dagger) and unarmed stage combat techniques, apply a fight sequence safely to a rehearsed scene and conclude with an examination with the British Academy of Dramatic Combat. All weapons are provided and the cost of the exam is included. An exhilarating course!

Who is it for? Those who wish to take or renew their BADC qualification, and for those new to Stage Combat who want to explore a new skill

Dates: Mon 7 – 9pm
Duration: 10 weeks
Fee: £210

A regular dance class working on jazz technique and routines. Build your strength, stamina, coordination and performance ability with this fun and energetic class appropriate for all levels. Develop your speed of picking up routines and meet others with the same interest. This course can be attended time and time again!

Who is it for? Everyone who loves dancing and wants to improve their skills and fitness – all levels welcome

Dates: Tues 7 – 9.30pm
Duration: 10 weeks
Fee: £230

A continuation of the Acting for Beginners course. In this course you will further enhance your skills in acting and stagecraft, with emphasis on individual development and small group work through the introduction of text and studied rehearsals. A certain level of confidence and willingness to ‘jump in’ is needed as you explore themes, conflicts, archetypes and shifts in pace, status and objectives, working towards an informal showing for family and friends.

Who is it for? Those who have a confidence in their understanding of the fundamentals of acting

Dates: Tues 7 – 9pm
Duration: 10 weeks
Fee: £210

Working with a Musical Director on this fun and enjoyable course, you will work on your singing voice for musical theatre both individually and as a group. Taking a journey through the history of musicals, you will explore the various genres of musical and learn to use your singing voice in different styles, working towards an informal showing for family and friends.

Who is it for? Beginners and those who wish to practice, or grow more confident in, singing in musical theatre

Dates: Wed or Thurs 7 – 9pm
Duration: 10 weeks
Fee: £210

This popular and fun course gives you a thorough grounding and confidence in the rehearsal room to get you in the swing of things! You will achieve an understanding of the fundamentals of acting, and through a series of acting games and exercises, observational and imaginative work, improvisations, voice and movement work, you will explore status and objectives, and begin to build characters and devise stories, working towards an informal showing for family and friends.

Who is it for? Beginners and refreshers

VOICE Dates:
Thurs 7 – 9pm
Duration: 10 weeks
Fee: £210

Learn to understand your voice – from anatomy and sound production, to adding tone and balance. Using practical exercises, you will learn a thorough vocal warm–up routine and develop exercises to improve your strength, capacity and vocal quality safely and effectively.

Who is it for? Those who wish to learn to use their vocal instrument effectively as an actor and in everyday life

Dates: Thurs 7 – 9.30pm
Duration: 10 weeks
Fee: £260

Working with both a Musical Director and a Choreographer, you will take your musical performance skills to the next level, working on various staged and choreographed numbers. This fun course requires stamina and high-level energy! You will work towards an informal showing for family and friends.

Who is it for? Those who have some experience and wish to practice putting skills together

Acting or musical theatre
Dates: Weds 7 – 9pm
Duration: 10 weeks
Fee: £275

In a safe, exploratory environment, you will look at confidence, personal presentation, casting, sight reading and choice of material. At the end of the course, you will have the chance to do a mock audition to a panel of working professionals, getting their valuable one-to-one feedback and response on your audition technique. Acting option – you will present two prepared monologues and a song; Musical Theatre option – you will present two songs, a prepared monologue and a dance audition.

Who is it for? Those intending to audition for further training or those who wish to brush up existing skills for professional auditions

Dates: Mon and Tues 7–9.30pm,
Saturday 10–4.30pm
Duration: 1year
Fee: £3000

A new ground breaking one–year part time course; lead by the award winning Director & Writer Phil Willmott. Students will work on a series of projects that teach and then test the range of skills required to run a theatre company. This is a unique and ideal opportunity for students to develop as an innovative theatre maker.

With innovative contemporary theatre companies like Kneehigh, Frantic Assembly and Punchdrunk, there is stiff competition but there is always space available for up and coming theatre makers. With many like minded artists wishing to pursue a particular philosophy of making art, and in doing so control how, where and when they make their theatre; if you’re just starting out and have lots of great ideas, how do you acquire the skills that you need to make theatre this way?

DIY Theatre, takes students on a year long journey spread over 3 terms teaching the skills required to forge a place for themselves in the fast and every changing world of contemporary theatre. In term 1 student’s will work on an individual project under the guidance of Phil Willmott, term 2 concentrates on the development of new writing and in term 3 each student prepares and presents their own showcase of work.

Who is it for? Those who have experience of directing and wish to develop the skills to enable then to create work for themselves through running a successful theatre company.

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