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Ayr Performing Arts School perform in the West End

Ayr children perform on London’s West End stage

Oliver at Her Majesty's LondonOn Sunday 16th November, 13 children from Ayr had the amazing experience of performing at Her Majesty’s Theatre, in the heart of London’s West End and home to the hugely successful The Phantom of the Opera.

But for one night only, the cast and crew made way for the students of Razzamataz Ayr who performed a show-stopping piece inspired by Oliver!

Razzamataz Ayr were delighted to be joining up with other Razzamataz Theatre Schools all round the country to perform a special show case production, featuring songs, dances and drama pieces from many well loved shows as well as some original contemporary pieces.

“There are not many people who can say that they have danced on a West End stage,” says Dylan Harper, Principal of Razzamataz Ayr. “The students really stepped up to the challenge of performing in such a large and famous theatre and this was an experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.”

The young cast ranged in age from 7 to 18 and for many of them, this performance gave them their first taste of what it would be like to be a professional dancer, singer or actor. Each child had to earn their place through an audition and all had to show the necessary maturity to take part.

Angel, aged 10, has been a student at Razzamataz Ayr for nearly five years and was delighted to be accepted as a part of Her Majesty’s show team. She says: “Performing in the West End was incredible, it was even better than what I expected. This has made me realize that I want nothing more than to be a professional perform!” 

Singing extracts from Oliver Razzamataz Ayr StudentsParents, family, friends and teachers were especially proud of not only the finished performance but also how well the children supported each other through all the rehearsals and the day of the show. “We are very honored to give our students such wonderful opportunities,” adds Dylan. “It is an experience that will really build a young’s person’s confidence and who knows, perhaps we have uncovered a future superstar,” adds Dylan.   

Razzamataz Ayr is held every Saturday afternoon in Castlehill Church, Ayr for ages 2-18. Classes consist on dance, drama and singing and cover the whole of the performing arts from classic West End shows through to street dance and pop singing. As well as high profile performance opportunities such as Her Majesty’s Theatre, Razzamataz is proud to be actively involved in many community events from fundraising for local charities through to performing at local events and shopping centres.

For a free trial session at Razzamataz Ayr please call 01292 388132 or email ayr@razzamataz.co.uk or visit www.razzamataztheatreschools.co.uk

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