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Rickmansworth Razzamataz: Prestigious performing arts scholarship announced

Prestigious performing arts scholarship announced  

Razzamataz Theatre Schools has been working with The Stage newspaper since 2010 to offer prestigious scholarships to students.

The scholarships give students a huge edge in this very competitive industry and many recipients go on to achieve huge success with this newfound confidence. Take Nicola Anstiss from Razzamataz Rickmansworth who was awarded her scholarship in 2013. Nicola emailed a video of an unaccompanied song and according to Lisa Roberts, the Principal of Razzamataz Rickmansworth where Nicola is a student, it was clear from her performance that she had a great potential. Nicola also explained she wanted the chance to come to Razzamataz to be able to develop her singing, dancing and drama skills as she knew this is what she needed for a chance in the industry.

The scholarships are available to current students and those that do not attend the part-time theatre school. To ensure as many youngsters can enter as possible, Razzamataz has created a scholarship system where applicants film a short demo of no more than two minutes long showing them performing either a musical theatre song and dance, street dance, pop song, drama improvisation or scripted drama piece. The demo does not have to be professionally filmed. Candidates will also complete a short application form detailing why they would like to take this opportunity.

The judges are looking for potential, so even if you have never had any professional training before, there is a chance that you will be chosen if you have raw talent. “Anyone thinking of applying for a scholarship should definitely just go for it,” says Nicola “You’ll never know unless you try and you might just surprise yourself.”

The auditions are open to current and non-Razzamataz students between the ages of 6-17. Winning applicants also get the chance to be selected for a photo shoot at The Stage as well as attend The Stage New Year Party in London.

The deadline for entries is 19th July 2014 and applicants need to submit their demos and applications to us by email Rickmansworth@razzamataz.co.uk or by calling 07940801467. For more details visit www.razzamataztheatreschools.co.uk

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