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His imagination takes him back to the 1940's as he creates a story
surrounding Lola Lamar - an ambitious young singer who arrives in New York City from Oklahoma hoping to become a star. She lands a position at the famous Copacabana nightclub, "The hottest club north of Havana", and strives to become a 'Copa Girl' dancer with the help of the bartender, Tony Starr.

A tale of old-fashioned love and jealousy in the entangled lives of Lola and
Tony unfolds amidst dazzling costumes, fantastic live band and sensational

Performances are an important part of the process at Sands Theatre Arts School. Sands is a weekly drama school for young people aged
7-18 years. The idea behind Sands is to combine all the fun and variety of
youth theatre but with a greater emphasis on developing performance skills
in acting, singing and dance.
Once learned these skills are of use throughout the young person’s life,
whether they choose to enter the theatrical profession or not.

If you would like more information about Sands Theatre Arts School, please
contact Sandy Bowen on 07889 619 468

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