The Leatherhead Theatre School of Performing Arts

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The Leatherhead Theatre School of Performing Arts

The Leatherhead Theatre School in The Leatherhead Theatre,  Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 8DN 

The Leatherhead Theatre School offers dance, drama, Tap and singing classes on a Saturday morning and a Performing Arts Class on a Thursday evening.

Our Theatre School is a fantastic way to build confidence, develop performing arts skills and a great springboard for encouraging children to excel in life. Taster sessions are readily available.

The Saturday morning classes run from 9am to 1.30pm for 4 - 12 year olds. Each lesson is one hour long and the pupil can take one or more of any combination of the three lessons. The prices of the class/es ranges from £72, £84, £120 to £156, per term.

These lessons run on a 12-week term and give the children the opportunity to rehearse and perform on the Leatherhead Theatre’s main stage.

Sally McCormack is the drama teacher and Rosie Lloyd is the dance teacher. They both teach and direct the show.

The Saturday Drama Lessons:

AGES 4-8 - The children will be challenged in this class to use their acting skills of focus, physical and emotional expressive-ness, memorization and team work to create dramatic and fun scenes.

AGES 8-12 - This class will help your children to learn the tricks of the trade! Students will use improvisation and script to understand the process of creating a character and bringing text to life. This class will help students develop confidence and verbal skills as an actor.

The Saturday Singing Lesson:

This is a fun class where students learn the fundamentals of singing - correct vocal technique, vocal warm-ups, breathing and acting through song. Bringing a song to life is important in whatever genre you decide to sing, and over the term we cover a varied repertoire of different genres and era’s, from ‘Consider Yourself’ from Oliver! In Musical Theatre to ‘Firework’ by Katy Perry in Pop.

The Saturday Dance Class:

The dance class aims to grow a number of skills with the main focus on the following: technical work in jazz (modern) dance, musical theatre training, fitness, musicality and performance skills whilst still making it fun for the children.

Through fun dance orientated games, regular choreography and new dances to learn, the children will grow their knowledge of many different genres of dance. The class incorporates many different genres, including ballet and hip hop, in our weekly classes to give the students the best training possible.

The Saturday Tap Class:

The tap class aims to grow students knowledge and understandings of the genre through the main factor of Musicality - this is one of the most important factors in tap. The students use their feet to create their own sound and the aim is to grow their recognition of the musicality they produce to achieve the best outcome and performance possible.

The class will incorporate both old styles of tap, using influences such as Fred Astaire, along with new and modern styles of tap such as street tap. This broadens the students knowledge of the past and present influences on the genre. Allowing students to find their own personal style of tap and growing on it.

The Leatherhead Performing Arts Class is on a Thursday evening for 12 to 19 year olds.  This class has been running for three years and focuses on all aspects of performing. This class works towards presenting a performance to take part in The Leatherhead Drama Festival. The Performing Arts Class have previously been winners of ‘Best Actress’ and ‘Best Writer’ awards. They have performed in Guernsey as Runners Up at the All Winners Festival and were nominated for ‘Best Actor’ and ‘The Richard Houghton Award’.

The lessons are a 12 week term on a Thursday 6pm - 8pm at £144.

Sally and Susie are the drama teachers.  They describe their class as:

"To study theatre is to take life’s experiences and reflect them through various characters on stage On a Thursday night, the students focus on acting and character development through exercises, techniques, and improvisation. They also engage in intensive, script-based scene work to find deeper meaning in the text, building the foundations of an actor’s versatility. Theatre is not just for “theatre majors” or those students who want to develop a career in acting. Theatre is for everyone!"

The Leatherhead Theatre School also offer individuals the opportunity to study for LCM exams.

For more details, please contact the Box Office on 01372 365 141 or email Sally McCormack on or Jo Taylor on

All lessons are at The Leatherhead Theatre, 7 Church Street, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 8DN.   And are for all children from Leatherhead and areas near Leatherhead and surrounding areas in Surrey.

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From Our Timetable:

Leatherhead Performing Arts (13 - 19yrs)

Thursday at 18:00 - 20:00

The Performing Arts Class is aimed at 13 to 19 year olds and has a more mature approach to performing.

The sessions which run on Thursday evening from 6pm to  8pm cover the main disciplines of Drama, Dance and Music.

Shows are worked on and performed on the stage of the Theatre and the group also produce an entry for the Annual Leatherhead Drama Festival.

For further details contact Sally, Sian or Blair on 01372 365 141

Read Full Timetable here