Straight Plays For Children

Double Dare (Full Script)

by Richard & Lynn Beaumont

(Large cast 29 M/F Ages: 13+)

Three groups of kids have been on a weeks team building course. Their final task is to spend the night in a deserted Theatre. Whichever team completes this task will win. During the night some decide to do a ouija board to try and contact the Theatre ghost. BUT is there a real ghost or is it a tactical move to frighten off the other teams? Only time will tell!

This script also lends itself to improvisation in certain areas of the text. This can be developed within rehearsal. You can also add to the tension by adding in un-scripted bangs and unexplained sounds during the performance.

If you need more details or support with this script please contact: Richard & Lynn Beaumont: 01923 772320.

Please note this Script is offered at a special rate of £25.00 for a limited period.This includes performance rights for 1 year.